April 14, 2010

Like a Girl's


Thank you for letting me dump my stress on you, internets.

I think it culminated a couple of nights ago when I was tired and feeling bummed about the foster Frenchie. She and Morty were still not getting along, which meant we couldn't really keep her, which made me so very sad. I picked her up and wandered around the kitchen with her and whispered in her ear: "Why can't you just pretend to like my doggie? Please? Just play with him a bit and stop batting him in the face..." and then I cried all over her little head and that was that. She snorted happily into my neck.

She's still at our house... They occasionally show signs that they don't mind each other, so we're just taking it day by day. They snuggle each other at night, which makes me very confused. Why would you spoon at night and snarl during the day? Oh doggies. I don't understand your sweet doggy brains.

Some good news about the hard drive.... Most of our older pictures made it. Chunks of 2009 and 2010 are gone, but our India trip is intact. I'm thrilled. And broke. We'll be backing up the survivors with multiple drives. If any of you out there are relying on one hard drive at the moment, get another one! Avoid the trauma, my dears.

I was looking through my planner earlier, and would you believe, we take possession of the house in five short weeks. I have So. Much. To. Do. Luckily, most of it is fun stuff, like shopping for ceiling fans and buying sledgehammers and staple guns. I'm going to have a painting / flooring party a few days after we take over. Hopefully my friends are willing to trade some labour for beer and food and great music.

I wrote my first post over at the home reno blog. I'll share the link here shortly - it's still not totally done over there.

Since I'm being such a downer lately, allow me to share a funny moment my BH and I shared last night. We were watching Sabrina, and my BH absent-mindedly started stroking my head.

"You have nice hair," he said, staring off into space. "Like a girl's."

And I laughed so hard I think I scared the dogs.


Shawna said...

Girls have the best hair.

Heather said...

Im a good painter!

Nat said...

I know it's expensive, but I am making it a point to get a lot of my photos printed... (And then I back them up too.)

Marie-Adèle said...

This tale of hard drive woes, combined with a couple of friends who have recently experienced laptop death, has made me back up all my pictures a third time, on a third disk. Better to be safe than sorry! I'd be devastated if I lost those...

Heehee, the word verification is "jugho" XD