October 6, 2008

Time of the Month


Dang... I'm not updating with my usual frequency. Not much is going on, and I don't want to bore you with the tedious "I bought a new toothbrush" and then the "I used my old toothbrush for cleaning" story (even if it's true).

So what am I up to? Big fat nothing. The nights have been chilly, and I bitched about it enough that Megan and Jo kindly told me I could just turn my heat on. Heh. Oops.*

I found my banjo pre-amp stuffed in the back of my mini amplifier. It's been lost since the move this summer and I am relieved that I don't have to buy another one.

We discovered that Morty is a giant chicken shit in the house and a big bully outside of the house. He has also learned how to clean his balls. He discovered this when we had company over.

I read a book on real estate (for women) that was Sexist with a capital S. Did you know that if you have buyer's remorse, it may be because it's your time of the month? Now you know.

Morty and I went for a walk when I was sleepy and I managed to stroll through his poo. Awkward!

That's my week... How are y'all doing?

*Then my BH and I enjoyed Jo's hot buns all night long!


A. & J. said...

I didn't even know a book like that existed. What do you think about it? Email me if you can. I'd be really interested to hear your review on this book.

Also, I just recently discovered the Chicks Can Fix books. It's a pretty fun book. Now I know how to fix the doorbell, plumbing, walls if i ever need to.