October 8, 2008

New France and a Day Off


It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Way back in July, my BH and I bought our dear friend a subscription to a music magazine. As I was filling out the online order form, I jokingly put in "Sexyface" instead of our friend's real name. We laughed. And then we didn't change it.

Fast forward to yesterday, and our friend never did get his magazine. I had to call the company to sort it out, because they had already charged me for the service they didn't provide. And I had to call from work, because their customer service line was only open during my work hours. So every office somewhat near my desk heard the following one-sided conversation:

"Hi, yes, I ordered a subscription for a friend but it never arrived."

"His last name? It's D____."

"His first name? Can't you just look it up by last name?"

"Fine, it's Sexyface. No, I said Sexyface. Of course that's not his real name! I was just trying to be funny."

"You still can't find it? You want me to what? Oh, Christ. Okay, it's S-E-X-Y-F-A-C-E."

"No? How about I just give you his address...?"

It is now resolved, thank goodness. It's a damn good thing I didn't pick something more offensive, because as many of you know, I often spout these things without thinking.

Tonight my BH and I are going to New France for the first time. Having heard so much about the wild and crazy nights at NF, we are very much looking forward to the outing. Hopefully some of the excitement about ANTM rubs off on us, because we haven't watched television in three months and we are very much out of the loop. I don't think it will be hard. Getting together to watch skinny girls cry sounds awesome to me.

Did you know that it's Thanksgiving this weekend?? Holidays always ALWAYS sneak up on me. I think it comes from working in retail for so long and never getting these days off. I have almost come into work on a holiday at least five times since I started the Office Job. At least I know about this one in advance. As such, I have formulated a plan:

I will eat and drink until my sweetheart has to roll me home (romantic, I know).


raino said...

this is a funny story about the magazine subscription. loved it.

Stella said...

Thanks Raino!