June 28, 2008

Bell Jar


It turns out that bell training really works. I can't believe it.

When my Better Half told me that we could train Morty to ring a bell when he had to go outside, I was a bit skeptical. It would be amazing, of course, and it would drastically reduce the amount of in-house accidents we have. But was it possible?

Since we got him, we've been brushing Morty's paw against a bell (which hangs from the door handle) every time we take him outside. The hope is that he figures out he can ring it himself when he needs to go. The other day, my BH called me excitedly to tell me Morty had rung the bell for the first time. I was excited too, but I hadn't seen it myself. Just now? While I was booting up the laptop? Morty wandered over to the door, lifted his paw, and smacked that bell something fierce. I ran over, took him out, and VOILA! Poop! I am so, so excited.

(I just re-read that whole section, and jesus, you'd think I had a human baby.)


Other things have been happening besides Morty's brilliant potty training. For one, my best friend came to visit. The visit itself was exciting enough, since I rarely get to see him long enough to say hello. Our last visit of any length was two years ago in Colombia at his wedding. Before that, it had been years since we had gotten a chance to sit down and catch up. The visit was surprising in many respects, especially when he told me he was hoping to move back to Ottawa. For good. Very soon. Unfortunately, it became clear that his reasons for moving were not cheerful at all, and I've been feeling very sad about the whole situation ever since.

You know those cheesy horoscopes? Mine are always a little wonky, but the one thing they have in common is that they all say I am fiercely loyal to my friends. I've got to agree. Right now I feel like if one more person messes with my buddy, I will fuck them right up.

Today's agenda: puppy, curry and fun party. Yes please.


zoom said...

Morty's brilliant!!