June 20, 2008

And Then My Head Explodes


Jo's buy-no-crap resolution is intriguing me.

I always feel surrounded by stuff I don't need. I often wish I had a little extra in my bank account. Although, admittedly, I sometimes need a real wake-up call to do something about it. You would think having a house that looks like a disaster zone would be that wake-up call, but so far? No dice. My housemates are getting ready to move to their new house, so maybe when they truck their things out of here, I'll have a chance at getting my shit together instead of sifting through someone else's stuff. Every time I start to organize, I end up finding boxes of things that aren't mine, and then I get peeved and give up.

The hound dog we've been looking after goes back home today. Poor Morty. Who will he hump when Lucy's gone? Damn well better not be my leg. He's learned a lot about socialization in the past week though, so that's a big plus. I think he actually grew quite fond of Lucy in the end. He even spooned with her at one point!

I glanced at my planner and noticed that I have a gig Monday night at the Rainbow. Hoo boy. You know your month has been insane if you lose track of gigs. Luckily, my planner also tells me that I have a variety of parties coming up that should slap the homebody funk right outta me. So: gig, parties, moving, head explodes. In that order. Hello summer!