September 10, 2011



I'm having a great day.

I've napped in my hammock.

I've had a yummy brunch at one of my favourite brunch places.

I've snuggled with my dogs.

I'm enjoying the feeling of a freshly-shaved head (Well, half of it. Crazy haircut, you know).

I'm writing thank you notes to everyone who pre-ordered my CDs (that note on top is for a fellow blogger!).

I'm getting ready to see my girl Shawna sing tonight.

I'm loving the early fall / late summer weather. I have such a super crush on fall.

And I'm blogging.

Aaaah. Great day.


Milan said...

Looking forward to seeing your show in Toronto on the first!

Colleen said...

Sounds like a great day! Relaxing, eating, performing..

Just out of curiosity: Where did you eat brunch?