May 14, 2012



Whoah. I go away for six months and Blogger does a complete overhaul! Hopefully I'm writing in the post-writing place and not in the words-will-get-sucked-into-the-abyss place.

Inspired by Nat, who recently came back to the interwebs after some time away, I wanted to check in and say hello. Maybe also explain why I disappeared. I've been blogging in some form or another for six or seven years, and now nada. It's a little weird.

Basically, I got over-saturated with online things. The big ones: Facebook (I like it but it's too much sometimes), and Twitter (I hate it no matter what I do, but I stay on for music stuff). Google Reader, the music website, a million email addresses, YouTube this and that, work stuff, iPhone, BlackBerry, blah blah blah BOOM.

My head explodes.

I have to seek out time in the hammock, or time cooking big elaborate meals, or time dusting every inch of my house just to get some reprieve. Rest for my brain. I don't want to have the instinct to constantly check in, and I'm fighting it. It doesn't help that I've changed jobs to something absolutely MENTAL where I'm a hundred times busier than I used to be. A lot of mandatory online work rolled up into that. It's got me thinking seriously about formulating some sort of wild exit plan to Get Myself Away. My BH is working both his dream jobs. Maybe stopping my day job isn't so crazy after all.

Then there's the other job. The songwriting one. For someone who spends a lot of her time performing, it might surprise you to know that I am a reluctant self-promoter. I don't actually want to talk about myself constantly, but I have to in order to spread the word about what I do. There's no label to do that for me. I either talk and talk and talk, or there is radio silence, pun intended.

It's like a battle, Western style, pistols and spurs and chaps (mmmm, chaps). My extroverted side is the one on stage, who is loud and wildly inappropriate. My introverted side likes hibernation, quiet, and being wildly inappropriate. Those two sides fight a lot about the amount of time I spend online. My extroverted side likes Facebook et al. My introverted side likes Goodreads.

Anyway, long story short, my head went BOOM and I decided to cut back a bit. This blog got the short end of the stick, but who knows? Maybe next week I'll wake up and want to talk your ear off again.

Until next time!