April 25, 2011

Well Shit


Well shit.

A lot of time has passed since my last post. So much time that I can't possibly catch you up with my comings and goings. Let's just start with today and see where that takes us, yes?

First off, it's my BH's birthday today. We've had a lovely time eating lemon torte, picking up sushi, walking the dogs, picnicking with our friends over Vietnamese subs, watching Fantastic Mr. Fox, and reading. He's a laid back dude and he likes laid back birthdays. I am happy to oblige.

The album keeps on trucking. I now have two songs left to mix, and I think we can still stay on schedule if I really focus over the next month. I'm also lending my vocals this week to some friends who are recording what will no doubt be a stellar album - I'm very much looking forward to hearing the finished product.

One of my nearest and dearest, The Colombian, will be visiting me in a month. I see him so rarely, and holy hell, I am super fucking excited to catch up a bit. I'm hoping to make a trip to see him sometime next year, although that will depend on the finances, as usual.

The new job is nutters, but I'm good at it so far, and it's anything but boring. It's more event planning than communications, so I'm in a different world, employment-wise. Oh, these day jobs. They mess with the brain.

My dogs are snoring beside me, and my BH is watching a movie on his laptop. Life is good. Sorry I was away for so long, but I promise to get back into my regular blogging schedule, hopefully with pictures too.