September 27, 2010

New Baby

Baby guitar, that is....

It looks almost like a classical version of my steel string guitar, actually. At least I know what I like!
You can check out the company here:
I traded in my old Washburn when I bought the new guitar, and then I got even more money off because they couldn't find the case for it. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.
After a bit of a non-starter with our canning weekend, my BH and I finally got our shit together and successfully canned green beans and tomatillo salsa. Once you get the hang of it, the actual process isn't difficult.... Just time consuming.
Also, I'm super paranoid about food poisoning after getting hit with a bad case many years ago, so I really hope I got this right. Canning food incorrectly would be a lame way to die.
On that cheerful note, enjoy the rest of your Monday!


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carla said...

Read this. Much easier form of "canning".

Stella said...

Carla... I think I love you.