September 1, 2010

Disjointed Rambling



There are stressful things happening at the moment that are making it difficult to blog. Maybe I'll talk more when everything blows over and the leaves start to turn.

Speaking of which, it's September. I am so relieved. I love summer, but fall suits me better. Layers, harvest food, good smells.... Harvest food. Mostly that.

Frida's allergies have been out of control, and she's at the vet right now for an allergy test. The test involves taking blood and checking it for antibodies. If you've been reacting to something, it will show up there. I had this test done myself and it's a good one. It also shows when an allergy is serious or mild. Hopefully it can help the littlest bulldog. She's so itchy all the time.

This weekend my BH and I are going to tackle our first tiling job! We're going to do the floor of the closet studio, which is a great place to practice since nobody will see it. That space is coming together slowly. I've finally installed a couple of instrument hooks, but I still need a shelf. Eventually it will be done.

My mom is turning 60 this weekend and there's a family reunion to celebrate. Sadly we can't find anyone to look after the dogs, so my BH may have to stay home. We have a couple other people to ask before we give up.

To completely change the subject... I didn't meet a lot of people I liked in university. Actually, it's not that I didn't like them, but we had so little in common I spent most of my time waiting for class to end. Through the magic of Facebook, I'm still in contact with a few of the cooler folks, and things are much more fun now that we're not all in the same competitive program. Case in point, one such person had photos of her artwork up, and I commented that I loved one piece in particular.

Look what came in the mail:

I think it's lovely.

That's the end of my disjointed rambling for today... Back to stress central.


Jessica said...

Hah! I couldn't not comment on the "so little in common" with J-Schoolers portion of your post. It's just ... well ... perfect! :) Hope all is well! (Oh, and I hope I'm one of the cooler folks, otherwise I'm incredibly offended. Haha)

Stella said...

I'd go as far to say that you are THE COOLEST.