September 8, 2010

Canning and Babies

It's fall!!!! I am so relieved this summer is behind me. It's been a big one: we bought and renovated a house, my BH graduated, we got a second dog.... But MAN am I glad to move forward.

Mostly I'm just glad I don't have lay any more wood floors. Never again.

This weekend we're going to try canning for the first time. I don't know what to start with, and I only have a book to guide me, but I'm really excited. Maybe apple sauce is nice and easy? Does anyone out there have advice for a first time canner?

We've also managed to save enough money to buy ourselves a television. You know, after we gave our other one away so we didn't have to move it. In hindsight, we might have been a little hasty with our desire to de-clutter.... But now we get a fancy new TV! I'm going to celebrate by setting it up and watching some Harry Potter.

It's funny, but I never really grew up with much TV. We didn't have cable, and the reception sucked, so we opted for other activities.... And yet, I am stupidly excited for something fancy and big. And flat! With great resolution! Okay, I'll stop. For now. BUT I'M EXCITED.

This month seems to be the Month of Babies. We know so many pregnant people, and everyone is due soon. Guess I'll have to start stalking Etsy for adorable onesies again.

What are you doing to celebrate fall? Are you happy, or sad that summer is (nearly) over?


Jen said...

Hi Hella Stella, I too recently wrote about the subject of September/Fall schedule and described how overwhelmed I feel about the back to school routine (I have two kids), and how much I miss the lazy summer schedule. I generally survive by mixing Apple Martinis all month long. I was inspired by your foray into canning, though, and thought that the introduction of a fall ritual (that's not tied to school) into my own routine would help make for a more well-balanced (and calmer) September.

Anonymous said...

Canning advice: Make sure everything is very, very clean - sterile even-- inside the jars and around the rims and your lids. Put them in a bowl of boiled water prior to placing on the jars. Make your jars good and full with only a tiny bit of air room at the top. put the lid on and boil your jars in a vat of water. When it's all done turn the jars upside down to cool. The lid should be concave when cooled. If it pops up and down and/or is convex, it's not sealed properly.

Mud Mama said...

Also, don't touch them while they cool, I swear by the upside down trick because it means I can't "test" my seals.

If they don't all seal properly don't worry, you can still keep them in the freezer.

If you like salsa, try to find a recipe for it and can that. It's easy, tomatoes are acidic so it cans well, and such a cost savings you will be hooked :-)

Pauline said...

Yay TV! I'm not an addict or anything, but it definitely nice to be able to watch sometimes.:)

I'm looking forward to Fall. I enjoy the colours and food. Thanksgiving and Halloween are also wonderful! :)

Finola said...

We used to buy a bushel of plum tomatoes at the market every fall and we jarred them for use all winter. Made the best spaghetti sauce ever.
And I echo Xup's advice. Be very careful with sterility.

Stella said...

Jen: I think canning is the perfect fall ritual. I'll be canning spicy beans to put into my Caesars too!

Thanks for the advice everyone!