June 29, 2010

Oh Hai!


I'm baaaack!

At least, I'm now in a schedule that should allow me to post regularly again. This doesn't mean that the house is ready for comfy human occupation.... Far from it.

Here's what happened:

The reno company got slightly behind schedule, which meant we couldn't finish our floors in time for the move, which meant the movers had to pile all our crap to the ceiling in one small part of the house that had a finished floor, which meant we couldn't unpack anything - especially our bed - which means that we've been sleeping on the old pullout at the old apartment every night despite not having anything there but our toothbrushes. And we have to be out of that apartment tomorrow, so we have no choice but to stay at the House With No Floor.

Yes. All true.

That's not the only thing to go wrong, either. My work is making cuts..... Big, gaping cuts... And I came back yesterday to find that my boss (an old friend who trained me and taught me everything I know) had been let go. Other people in my workplace are being cut too, and this is only the first round of cuts. More to come next year, apparently. It's not the safety of my job that's got me riled up, it's the fact that my boss was let go. I'm mad. So fucking mad. I haven't been this mad in a long time, and I'm worried I'm going to tell someone off. I can't decide if I should stay or not. I don't really want to leave, but this anger is threatening to consume my cubicle.

So I was all upset about this last night, and I couldn't sleep. I started to doze off around 3am when I heard Morty stir. Then he stood up, puked a pile of sticks on the floor and fell asleep again while I cleaned it up.

That, folks, is my life at the moment.

There are some positive things going on, however:

- Our EcoLawn is growing! It's green and fuzzy and we'll never need to cut it.

- We've discovered that Frida is allergic to dust, not grass. Oh well... EcoLawn is still fun.

- I finally found my underwear packed away in a random box, so now I can stop going commando.

I'm really scraping the bottom of the barrel for these cheerful bullets, hey? I'll quit while I'm ahead.


Milan said...

Sorry to hear about all your difficulties!

Please let me know if I can help.

Mud Mama said...

I offer moving/reno empathy...my 2.5 yr old's garbage bag of clothing is still missing and Papa Pan forgot to replace the toothbrushes we can't find when he was out today. I do have toothpaste and a finger though!

Finola said...

What is ecolawn? I like the no cutting idea.
Also, great news about the underwear :)

Nat said...

Oy, moving is not fun. Renos not fun either...

Hang in there...

meanie said...

curious about ecolawn! what is it? (i could just google it i s'pose)