June 10, 2010

Now, Now, Now

I've really been enjoying the renovation process... Probably more than most people would. I'm actually depressed to be back at work because it means I can't supervise contractors and smash things with a hammer.

Still, I've reached the point where I'm ready to move. We don't have the movers booked until the end of the month, which makes sense, because we still have so much to do. In reality, though, I'd like to press fast forward and magically wake up at the new house, with the walls all painted, the boxes unpacked, and the grass all grown.

I know this will happen relatively quickly, fast forward button or not. But my apartment is a disaster (we are basically only sleeping there at this point), my landlord is still a shit, and amazingly enough, the loud renos that made me want to buy a house back in December continue to this day.

I guess I'd just like some quiet.

In related news...

I'm really enjoying being a landlord. I'm loving renovations. I like the house buying process. And now I'm wondering if I shouldn't plan a slow move away from the desk job into property management. That, plus music, could make me a very happy Stella.

Thoughts, dear readers? We're talking years down the line, mind you.... But it's food for thought.


Tiana said...

The world definitely needs more landlords that CARE about their work and enjoy doing a good job so I say GO FOR IT!!!

Anonymous said...

Ironic that you're leaving the landlord and house with the renos to be a landlord in a house with renos. You could deploy to our department and be a property manager. We need lots. You might have to get your RPA through BOMA though, but you could probably do that while working