November 9, 2009

My Blues

I'm a jeans girl, through and through. If I have a choice between jeans and any other pants/skirts, I'll choose my blues.

This created some problems when I first started working a desk job. I bought several pairs of fancy dress pants, knowing that I would look more professional if I got in the habit of wearing them during the week. But then? I stopped caring. Harsh, but true. I'm just so much more at ease when I'm wearing jeans. They are more comfortable, they are warmer, and they don't look dirty when Morty brushes against them in the morning. These are important things. Also? Even when I force myself to wear dress pants, it's still not enough to disguise the fact that I am a bit of a scrub.

Anyway. I bought new jeans this weekend, because all my old pairs are torn and faded. These are nice and dark, comfortable, and nearly appropriate for the office. The catch? They are so dark that the dye is running. My legs are a weird shade of blue. My hands are blue. When I scratch my nose, it smudges blue. I'll have to wash them several more times before the colour sets. But you know.... Blue hands and all... It's still worth it. All hail comfort!

This weekend was great. First there was the bloggers' breakfast, which was especially fun this time around. Raino's girls asked about Morty* within seconds of my arrival, which thrilled me to no end. I got to chat with all my favourite folks, and the food wasn't bad either.

Sunday was wonderful. I went over to Brian's house, where we proceeded to drink, eat and record music. In reverse order, now that I think about it. I've got demo version of two new songs, which is so crazy exciting.... We even put some harmonies on. Just imagine what I'll be able to do when I set myself up with some recording gear this summer! Drooool.

I'm spending this week preparing for my gig in Toronto this Saturday. I'm hoping to practice the shit out of my new songs with the hope that I'll remember them during my set. We'll see. At my last gig, I somehow forgot how to play Running Shoes. When I apologized to Brian afterwards, he kindly said, "It wasn't a mistake... It was just a new arrangement."

Kind. Very kind.

*It doesn't fit cleanly into this post, but I have to mention it anyway. My BH and I were walking Morty down the street when we stopped to chat with Megan and Shelley. They were clearing up old grass and leaves from their yard. They had put all the debris in a nice pile, about to be loaded into bags. As we were talking, Morty went over to the pile, sniffed it, straddled it, and peed all over it. "Is he peeing??" Shelley asked. I was mortified, no pun intended. Luckily for me, Shelley and Megan both had serious work gloves on that hopefully protected them from Morty's, um, contribution. Morty looked SO PLEASED with himself...


Hannah said...

Woo jeans! I HATE dress pants, they are so itchy and uncomfortable. Best of luck at your gig this Saturday.

LOL@ the Morty story. He certainly knows how to make an impression!;)

skylark said...

Yeah Morty, you da dawg.

Nat said...

I was told to was them in salt which apparently makes the dye run less... (I'm not entirely sure this works.)

Corporate is such a pain... we're on the executive floor... means skirts and dress pants and suits... I never wanted to be corporate but here I am. Gonna wear jeans today because the office is closed tomorrow which makes it kind of like a Friday.

Anonymous said...

I wear jeans almost all the time, too. I have a variety of styles and colours and dress them up a bit with a button down shirt and sometimes even a blazer if there's a meeting. Let's put the dress pants industry out of business.

Stella said...

Hannah: Glad you can appreciate Morty's craziness....

Skylark: He's well aware of that fact. A little TOO aware.

Nat: I'll have to try your suggestion... My socks are blue now too! Sucks about your work attire requirements. I think I care too little to work in corporate anything.

XUP: Yes! Represent!