November 11, 2009

Dipped in Chocolate


Since buying my Super Blue Jeans, my shower water has been running blue. Other than that, I've got nothing terribly exciting to report.

I had coffee today with a girl I used to live with. It was great - she e-mailed out of the blue (why not, everything I touch is blue these days, har har) and asked to meet up. She said since she left Facebook, she's felt out of the loop with her old buddies. We chatted for ages and then she came over to meet Morty. The second she walked in the door, he put his head on the ground and his bum in the air, and just waited for her to come give him a pat. It was obscenely cute.

I've been having these bizarre dreams about work lately. They seem to coincide with how busy I am at the office. There have been two dreams in the past week alone, so you can imagine how crazy things are. One was depressingly boring, featuring my shy coworker and I in a meeting. Last night's dream was more interesting - my work team was having a dinner party, and I was serving the food. I asked if anyone wanted dessert, and the same shy coworker asked for marshmallows dipped in chocolate. I thought that was a bit demanding, but made them anyway. After all, I was the hostess.


I never know whether or not to tell people when I've had a dream about them. I don't want to sound creepy, but who knows how they will take it. That being said, every time I've mentioned to a friend that they were in my dream, they've been pleased. I guess it's all about the content. Heh.

Tomorrow is choir practice, and then I'm off to Toronto! It's going to be one fun gig, let me tell you. I've also decided to cover Pink Floyd, because.... Well.... Because I can.


Jessica said...

Woo-hoo! Jordan and I are going to try our darndest to make it out Saturday night. See you then!