December 27, 2010

It Was Good


Aaah, we had a lovely holiday.

I had been looking forward to this Christmas for a long time, largely because of what I was gifting to my BH. I secretly collected the photos of his childhood in India (with lots of help from his sister), scanned them (it took DAYS) and made them into a photo book. I also made extra copies for his family. He had talked about these elusive pictures for years, never being sure where they had ended up. Just as I hoped, he seemed to really love the gift, as did his parents.

Everything else was great too. The food was wonderful, especially the traditional (haha) curry meal we have with his family. It's seriously my favourite Christmas dinner. Spicy curry with dal and rice. You should try it!

Now for some pictures:

The teeny Christmas tree at my folks' house.

My mom is fitting Frida for her winter coat, because Frida doesn't handle the cold very well. I know the picture's blurry, but I need to point out that the coat is made out of fake fur that looks real. So basically, when she's all dressed up, Frida looks like a Bubbi.

Morty loves to help people open Christmas presents. Unfortunately he also took the corner off this gift in the process. He's got quite a jaw.

We dressed Frida up in ribbon, and she seemed pretty chill about the whole thing.

Pfeffernusse! My favourite.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, my charming readers. Next on the agenda: New Years! This time the goal will be for a puke-free evening. Hopefully we meet our goal.

But seriously, no puking. I'm looking at you, BH. ;)


Pauline said...

That was such a beautiful and thoughtful gift you gave BH. The best presents are the ones with the most thought put into them.

That last picture of Morty is so cute!

Happy New Years!! :)