December 3, 2010

I Bought An App, Etc.


I'm not much of an app buyer. I don't even really buy music off iTunes - still strictly a CD type of gal. But I read a few reviews of Hipstamatic, and thought it sounded like fun.

Verdict: It IS fun! I've started actually taking pictures with my iPhone.

This is Morty, relaxing on our rumply bed. He's not much of a morning doggie.... It takes coaxing (read: chicken) to get him up and about.

This is my favourite lamp. You can see the corner of our new couch, which I'm hoping won't fall apart when people sit on it. So far so good.

Sweet little Frida. Doesn't she look cute? I think she's up to something.

I was unsuccessful in getting Morty out of bed. Poor dude has a tough life. All that sleeping is exhausting, right?

In other news, I need to do something about my Facebook account. I get about 20 event invites a day. I'm "friends" with too many people I don't really know. But it's really the invites that get me.

Should I block invites from people who are the worst offenders? Should I cull my friend list and change my name? I know that when I have a gig, I only invite people I think might actually want to come. I don't invite people who live in other cities, and I don't invite people who I know hate live shows. I do this out of common courtesy, and also because that's how I hope to be invited to events... But I think I'll have to change tactics.

Facebook was looking like a real help as far as music promotion goes, but now I'm wondering if people are just overwhelmed by all the information. Myspace is totally antiquated, and I'm waiting until the joyful day I can finally delete my page. So what does that leave? I guess I'll have to plug along with my plans to re-vamp my web site, and go from there.

My BH and I leave for Toronto tomorrow morning. We have plans to spoil Shawna, hang with my ex, buy amazing chocolate, look at some sexy shoes, and have a grand old time. Oh, and play music, of course.
Onwards and upwards!


skylark said...

Love your hipstamatic shots. Favourite is Morty taking a snooze... he looks SO cozy, I can even feel him snoring.

Claypots said...

Good luck on the T.O gig. Take pics.

Shawna said...

I am waiting for yooooooous.

ps: Your bed is an OCEAN. So. Big.

Tiana said...

I just unfriend people who cluelessly invite me to stuff. Like this one guy who invited me to all these metal shows even after I told him I hate metal.

I look at every invitation and if it seems like the person inviting me is just doing a blitz instead of actually considering that I would want to attend this thing, then goodbye!

Nat said...

Yeah, the invites are getting a bit mental, and I tend to only invite folks who might be interested in what I'm selling.

Can you just block invites?