July 13, 2010

Leaky Leaky


When our fridge started leaking, I shrugged it off. The fridge is nearly new, and the water coming out of the bottom seemed harmless.

Silly me.

You see, the guy we bought the house from turned out to be the cheapest man on the face of the planet. Perhaps worse than my former landlord, if you can believe it.

A few examples:

He saved every screw he ever had, so when we needed to remove a simple piece of wood from a wall, we changed our drill bit no less than seven times to account for the changing heads. Deck screws, drywall screws, metal screws, support plugs, nails.... You name it.

The "new kitchen" he installed in our unit before we bought the place was actually a collection of cabinets he got for free, and then frankensteined together with his screw collection.

Also, when he bought appliances, he bought them used from the cheapest places in the city. As such, they are all falling apart. Case in point.... Our fridge.

When the fridge repair guy came to the house yesterday, I guess he thought we were making a big deal out of nothing. A little bit of water. Pffft. Then he looked at the back of the fridge and said, "Oh boy."

Anyway, we need to buy a new fridge within the next few days before our compressor completely dies and our fridge runs out of coolant.

The thing is, I'm so deeply in debt that the extra punch in the gut from a new fridge won't feel like much. It's just frustrating because it shouldn't really be happening. The fridge is only a few years old.

Regardless. I'm still happy to have a working washer and dryer. I'm happy about my new banjo. I'm happy I can take a normal shower. And that's enough for me.


Anonymous said...

Oh sweetie, my 5.3 year old (5 year warranty) high freakin' end fridge died this afternoon. The compressor: she is dead.

Like you, I'm counting my blessings. After all we have food, and a fridge and a career of 39 years . . . but it's all a little much during this heat wave.


Nat said...

Oy! We had a similar experience with our washer/dryer when we moved in here...

I feel for you. If I hear of any deals I'll let you know.

Stella said...

Grace.... Thanks for your kinds words. I guess all fridges have their time.

Nat: Guess who had super cheap fridges? Future Shop. Like, crazy cheap.