July 20, 2010

Hello Cuties

Found my camera cable. Cute dog photos abound! I know, I already put these on Facebook... But they are new to most of you.

What else...

We get our shed this week. The lack of shed is why we haven't been able to finish unpacking. Too many bulky outside things around. I can't wait until I can move the weight bench / wardrobe / miter saw / storage units OUT OF MY BEDROOM. There's nothing worse than putting on underwear and stepping on a saw. Thank goodness for safety covers. Seriously.

The exhaustion of burning the candle at both ends is getting to me. My throat is sore and I'm really forgetful. An unpleasant combination, to say the least. I need some serious down time.

Also?? Two of my very favourite artists are playing in Montreal in the 31st. My BH can't go because he's already committed to a million things that day. The only friends I've got who like these bands can't go either. As much as it would be weird hanging out alone at a music festival in another city, I'm still considering it. I would feel like such a lame-ass if I missed these shows.

To top off this post full of random musings, I'm trying to plan a baby shower for a friend of mine. So far only one person has RSVPd, so I might just have to feed her cake in the kitchen and call it a day.

I figure, as long as there's cake, it's a success. Am I right or am I right?


Pauline said...

You are right! (I would say as long as theirs alcohol too..but woops! wrong venue for that! LOL)

I'm not on FB anymore so yes, post more adorable dog photos! Those two make quite the pair!:)

I hope things calm down soon. Who are these artists who are playing?