July 14, 2010

The Fest


I'm not going to Bluesfest this year.

That festival is tricky. It pulls me in with its killer lineup every summer. I buy my tickets, I go, and most of the time I leave in a panic.

I'm a bit claustrophobic, which is usually why I end up in a panic. But I also hate the lines, the sound bleeding from stage to stage, the garbage everywhere....

Granted, I've seen some incredible concerts over the years. Brazilian Girls will always stick out in my mind, as will Toots and the Maytals and Ani Difranco. K'Naan last year was really memorable. Juana Molina blew my brains out.

But a lot of other stuff has sucked, either because of the bleeding sound, or because I can't see anything. I'm 5'2 and I don't wear heels. It's a miracle if I can see the stage.

My BH and I decided not to go this year, mostly because we knew we'd be too busy with the house. I'm not regretting it, although missing Dan Mangan hurts my heart.

In other news, we found a fridge to buy. It's going to be white and small, instead of gigantic and black. Although I'd rather not have to buy anything, it will probably improve the look of the kitchen to have something less imposing than our current monster of a fridge. Now we just need to sell our extra flooring, unpack, change the light fixtures, have our shed installed, finish painting, and landscape.

I'm going to die.

In music-related news, I bumped into a friend of mine last night, and he's offered to help me set up my closet studio. This includes some ProTools lessons and some additional soundproofing. I love having musical friends who will help me in exchange for baked goods.

Still haven't found my camera cable, so no adorable pictures of the dogs for you. Sad.


Nat said...

No pics of the dogs, what will I do?? Really.

Oh. I love Brazillian Girls.

The free concerts on the market were nice. But the sound bleed makes me nuts. I love Gord Downie's new album but the thought of it colliding with Hole made me cry...

We did attend four shows this year (two free). Next year, well, we'll see I guess. Sigh.

Stella said...

I'll inundate you with doggie pics whenever I find that stupid cable.

Or maybe I'll just go buy one.

Free shows.... That sounds way nicer.