Funny night.

I've reorganized the spice drawer, which has left me smelling like paprika and mustard seed.

Frida's in a kissy mood, and she's giving me little licks on my nose.

I'm struggling to get a grant application in even though I really have no time.

Work is busy! Why now??

I've got about half my Christmas gifts under control. The other half? Not so much.

I'm prepping to play a Toronto gig that I'm very damn excited about.

My BH has an erratic work schedule, but dudes, at least he's got work.

On my To Do list, I actually have a bullet that says, "Do not cry over bills."

Part of my roof kinda blew off, but it's all good. Or at least, it will be good once we climb up there and nail the fucker back on. Courage!

I've re-started French lessons at work. You know what I hate? Subjonctif. Why does French have to be so complicated?*

That's it with me. What's new with you?

*My French teacher said that the millions of tenses and complexities that exist within the language originally evolved as a way to differentiate between high class and low class speakers. Yeah? Well I REJECT YOUR CLASSIST VERBS, FRENCH.


Jessica said...

Toronto! Toronto! Toronto!

Anonymous said...

I've long suspected that about French grammar. Bah!


Shawna said...

Nobody uses subjonctif in real life.

Toronto is waiting for you.

M-A said...

I beg to differ; the subjonctif présent and passé are alive and well. It's just the imparfait and plus-que-parfait of the mood that you won't hear anyone using.

Nat said...

Oy! The French another...

If you want someone to chat with en Français let me know. Happy to help.