May 11, 2011

In Bed


Well, I'm still failing you as a blogger these days, but at least I have some pictures this time. I call this one "Sadface," and it's the look Frida gives me when my BH leaves for work in the morning. She sits on his side of the bed, looking morosely at the distinct lack of human under the covers.

Poor bunny.

Life is great lately, just incredibly busy. I am loving the new job despite the madness, although it means I haven't been able to finish mixing my last two songs for the album. We're still trying to work out when that's going to happen, but we're not technically behind schedule yet. In the meantime, I'm working away at getting the new music web site up and running. Bit by bit, I suppose.

Here is one of my favourite people in one of my favourite places: my producer, Dean, setting up my favourite mic in the studio. Lots of good things in one fuzzy cell phone picture.

Here he is setting up the glockenspiel. I actually ended up playing it on the album. It sounded a bit like a demented nursery rhyme for psychotic children... But in a pretty way. Y'know?

Aah, my Frida looking out the side window. Those birds are leftover Christmas decorations, but I haven't had the heart to take them down. Eventually.

We've hired a dog trainer for Morty because he's turning into a lunger. I don't mind him scaring intruders and creepy people, but I do mind him scaring... Everyone else. Our trainer is pretty hardcore. She's really training us more than she's training Morty, but that's how the system works, it seems.

In other news, it's my birthday on Friday. I got an interesting early Happy Birthday message from someone I used to know on Facebook. Shall I share it? Ahem:

Hello (Hella Stella),

Have a great birthday! Jesus died to save us from our sins by being crucified. He is so amazing!

God bless you!


Well! Nice to know she's thinking of me. Me and my corrupted soul. Do you think I should tell her how much I'm enjoying living in sin? Because here's the thing... My BH? He is so amazing too. In bed.

Anyway, I miss you, Internet. See you soon.


Jessica said...

Haha! Somehow I think not living in sin won't be nearly as fun as living in sin. I secretly think Jesus would approve. He seemed pretty with it. (Though all my observations are based on watching Jesus Christ Superstar over and over again).

Shawna said...


Gimme your new CD, gimme it nowwwww!

Pauline said...

I love the photo of the glockenspiel. I have a dream of learning how to play the xylophone, which I guess is a bit different from the glockenspiel, but don't ask me how. :)

I hope the training with Morty goes well. All dogs need a tune up now and then. ;)

Gabriel... said...

...the way she phrases it is a little creepy. She kind of makes it sound like J-Chris committed suicide by board and nails.

Happy belated Birthday [Hella Stella]. Congratulations on the compilation album, and for getting to the end (nearly) of the new solo album.

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chickadeenextome said...
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